Color Trends For Living Room Painting in 2013

Which are the Our Customers’ Favorite Nuances for This Season

If you have a home remodeling project ahead of you and you intend to repaint your living room, you are probably wondering which colors will suit you best. Today, the qualified and experienced painting service provider Professional Painting & Home Improvement, of Brentwood, TN, has prepared a list of ideas to share with you, so you feel updated with the latest fashions in interior design.

No matter which colors you prefer, the secret for a successful painting project is to mix 2-3 pigments. Here are some of the best valued combinations for 2013:

1.Organic neutral living room – To achieve this effect you must choose warm colors. The ideal variant will be to mix two shades of beige with light yellow.

2.Fresh and modern style – If you are looking for a more contemporary look, you should not be afraid to experiment with bright colors. We recommend two options to choose from:

– main wall: dark blue, smaller walls: white or gray
– main wall: graffiti gray, smaller walls: champagne or pink

We provide excelent painting services at affordable prices3. Cozy and comfortable look – If you care about the latest fashions but at the same time want to reach a warm and welcoming effect, you can choose again between two palette mixing options which we suggest:

– main wall: yellow or orange, smaller walls: gray
– main wall:light brown, smaller walls: light or dark beige

4. Bold living room – If you are looking for this effect you can definitely ask your painting service provider to recommend shades of green, you can mix. Despite the fact that the color is quite bold, it is known to bring a feeling of relaxation for the people who are spending time in an area painted in this color. It is also often used for bedrooms.

5. Elegant urban look – To achieve it you definitely need to use purple. add some white ornaments and you will make it look even more chic.

If you want to learn more about the recent trends in home painting, you may stop by at our local office and we will make sure to give you all options available on the market!