How to Pick the Right Type of Yellow For a Kitchen Repainting Project

Tips on Choosing a Nuance of Yellow to Fit Your Kitchen Walls

The fact that yellow is a warm, rich and sunny paint color, suitable for kitchen walls, makes it a top choice for most residents of Brentwood, TN, who have a kitchen remodeling project ahead of them. Keep in mind that bright yellow can give any room vibrancy and energy. Golden yellow, on the other hand, is softer and conveys a sense of antiquity and wealth. It is a nuance which is always in fashion, especially in luxury homes and hotels. Sometimes even a few golden accents or a single wall, painted in this nuance, can make your property look like a five star mansion. Another trendy color is butter yellow, but it is more commonly used for painting a baby’s nursery, rather than a kitchen. If you have wooden furniture, the right shade of yellow can bring out the warm tones of it.

As a reputable local painting contractor Professional Painting & Home Improvement, of Brentwood, TN, has prepared a few tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to picking the most suitable and matching nuances of yellow for your kitchen repainting project.

painting contractors1) Get yellow swatch cards from your local paint or hardware shop and include shades which are both darker and lighter than you think you want. Always use the help of a professional painter before making the final choice, otherwise you may end up painting your kitchen walls in school bus yellow when you wanted a warm delicate, buttery yellow. This comes as a result of the fact that paint chips are often deceptive. Professional painters are familiar with different brands of products and can help you pick the shade you like most, evaluating the samples you have taken.

2) Avoid applying shades of yellow which have obvious green or gray undertones, if you have any wooden furniture in the room, as the paint will appear dull against it. In order to select the shade of yellow which makes the wood tones look best, you may place one of your yellow paint chips behind the wooden boards or furniture you have.

3) Do some testing by applying tiny paint samples in areas which are not easily visible and don’t forget to consider your lighting at night. While natural daylight is cooler and won’t make yellow paint so intense, most incandescent bulbs have a very yellow cast, which will intensify the paint color at night. If these 3 methods seemed too complicated for you to handle on your own, or you simply do not have so much time to invest in the project, then we are the painting contractor, you need. Our expert painting specialists will help you refresh your kitchen in warm pastel nuances of the trendy yellow!