How to Transform Your Bedroom Into Heaven-on-Earth With a Cloud Faux-Finish Technique

Home Improvement Painting Tips for a Bedroom Update

Applying soft color-washing painting techniques is not a job which can be handled by the average do-it-yourselfer. You need to have a lot of previous painting experience in order to be able to play with colors and nuances and achieve satisfactory results.Today Professional Painting & Home Improvement will tell you more about how our home improvement specialists do it.

Step 1: We start with painting the surface with two coats of sky-blue paint, preferably a latex one.

Step 2: When it is dry we will dip a sponge in some water and squeeze out the excess, then slightly dip it into latex paint with a blue-gray color.

Step 3: We will then dab the paint randomly across the surface, painted in sky-blue. You will soon notice how the clouds begin to appear.

Step 4: Before the clouds dry out, a painter from our team will get a piece of cheesecloth and gently dab it over the painted surface. This will make the edges look softer.

Step 5: For more realistic cloud-like results we can repeat the procedure of cloud application using a light-blue latex paint this time, dabbing it over the areas where we have applied the grey-blue paint. The trick we will use here is not letting the paint dry between the shades.

Step 6: If you think your ceiling will look better if we don’t cover the painted areas completely, then we will do it, leaving the sky-blue and blue-gray colors to show through. This can be an additional effect to your paintwork, our painting technicians can add.

Step &: And finally “ The Cloud Effect” – We will use white latex paint to highlight the overall cloud effect.

If you prefer a stormy sky, we can create it by using more of the blue-gray color. If you want a windy sky then we will paint elongated dabs of color going in one direction. Just name the cloud style you prefer and our home improvement specialists will create it for you! For more information, painting tips or to book an appointment, do not hesitate to call our office in Brentwood, TN.