Paint Color Trends in 2013

Those of you who are working on a home improvement project are probably still thinking about the paint colors you should choose for refreshing your living room and bedroom space. This is why, as a leader in the painting business in Brentwood, TN, Professional Painting & Home Improvement has decided to share with you what are the expected trends in interior home painting for this year. We hope our overview on the latest painting fashions will help you make the best decision for your home.

Read some home improvement ideas how to change the color scheme in your property!

1) Dark purple and electric blue – Although neutrals, like muted pinks and taupe, soft brown and beige never go out of fashion and can do wonders to freshen up a room, you will be surprised to discover how different a space can become if only a splash of dark purple and electric blue is applied over the ceiling or a single wall. You can also use it as an accent and paint just a few shelves and cupboards with it.

2) Lemon Sorbet – This is definitely the color of the year when you are looking for a nuance for your bathroom or a base wall, where you plan to put an accent.

3) Wine red – Although it may seem a bit aggressive, dark colors or red, especially when used for a dining room home improvement, can transform your place into a cozy little crib.

Our painters will help you transform your living room! 4) Classic white in combination with vintage wallpapers – This year white is a hit, as always. The slight difference which you may notice, however, when browsing home design pictures, is that this time not all of the walls are painted with it. The latest trends are to combine it with some colorful wall stickers or vintage wallpapers for an accent. White is ideal for small rooms where bright paint will give the optical illusion that the place is even smaller.

For more home improvement ideas, related to your wall-refreshing needs, you can always turn to our professional team and get a free consultation. We will be glad to help you renovate your property according to the latest home design trends!