Painting Horizontal Stripes

How to Paint Horizontal Stripes – Tips From a Professional Painter

If you want to give one of your rooms at home a fresh look, you should try painting horizontal stripes on the walls. If you are not a DIY lover, you can always contact a professional painter to do the job for you.

painting horizontal stripes - tips by Professional Painting & Home Improvement

Before getting into action, start by choosing an accent color. There are a thousand of different combinations, dark and light, only light color or only dark. If the furniture and decoration have a different color than the walls, paint the stripes the color of the woodwork. You can also use the same color of the wall but with different finish, like high gloss or mate. If you have difficulties completing the project, feel free to contact a reliable painter to give you a hand.

The next thing you need to do is to measure the stripe placement. You can use a cardboard for test runs. Make sure you keep the tape straight, with the help of a laser level. Another way to find out how many stripes you will need is dividing the height of the wall by the width of the stripes.

Use tape to mark the borders of each stripe. First, paint the edges and then the center. Use as little paint as possible to prevent unwanted drips. Finally, remove the tape once the paint is completely dry, and enjoy your new room. If you don’t have enough free time to do it or you are not very good at painting, you can always hire a professional painter and he will happily do the job for you.

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